Worlds First Godzilla Swapped Early Bronco – Holley Ford Festival 2022

Monster Mike checks out the first Godzilla 7.3L Swapped ’66-’77 Ford Bronco and chats with Weston and Gumby of TexasSpeedLab Performance to see what all was involved in getting the swap completed. It features a crate 7.3 from Mars Engine Swaps and is using a 10R80 ten-speed automatic transmission and transfer case.

Foreign hey what’s up guys monster mike with bronco garage and we’ve got some really cool stuff going on here a 77 7 early with a 7-3 godzilla and this is weston ready’s bronco what’s up weston not much man uh happy to be here yeah happy to do this it was uh 21 day build gonna be this the mastermind we got to talking one night on email and um kind of if if you

Can do this why aren’t people doing it yet what’s holding it up maybe we should be the first ones and so we i just said it just needs someone to want it and then we bounced off with john over here on getting a 10 or 80 behind it because you know that’s what people want can’t fit a 10r 140 it’s just too big yeah right you know you don’t want to go to a smaller

Transmission get 10 speed get drivability then you get super low and you have a 10-speed first gear with you know we’re using electronic transfer case in it john made the electronics happen made the pallets happen and then uh it came to us and you know with how he wanted it fit tried to keep him in every step of the game we were lucky he already had the hydra boost

He already had some of the hard to get stuff i had yeah dakota digital in stock luckily we just overnighted everything else yes yeah literally drove it himself down yeah no no frame or uh engine interior mods that had to be done it really fit really well huh it fit really well so we did for the electronic transfer case which is a little just the way it sits yeah

We had to notch and box the frame for this um other than that two inch body lift just to clear everything uh it’s really tall so i know it’s not as wide as a coyote yeah but like a 351 with a tall valve cover you’re pretty close wow um the transfer case we had to notch just to cross bracing no like even with the two inch body lifts even with two inch finally

Left we just had just knocked it just to give it room yeah so it was either take a hammer to it to it notch it that’s the but it’s running and driving it’s here it’s probably the first first one i’ve ever seen are and this is where day 23 and i think we’re day 25 overall from him saying he had the itinerating behind the godzilla figured out to him calling me

The next day for it to get him out in the motor out yeah and then him getting the bronco to me like the next day i think 48 hours so what’s the likelihood of making this a turnkey product for people to buy one day it is yeah we’re actually working right now and we’re going to try to start setting up turnkey pilots like we do over there but specifically for the

Early brown guy so it’s going to have the correct parts and pieces that gumby says that you need so when he gets it he kind of has a more capable kit to just go ahead and swap it wow so with all this power what’s what’s next i i’d imagine you’re going to develop some parts to make it easier for everyone and then we can go from there and you know trade off one

Of those suspension kits i was gonna say i already got the suspension to be able to control this at least at least when you’re driving oh that’s the that’s the next step so we have all the power train so no duff is the next step yeah if you need to look at that the power of all the torque the door you gotta be able to the old school stuff is cool patina on

It is awesome but but yeah got to be able to control it yeah yeah you’re gonna contain it right it’s a hydro booster disc brakes four wheels you know that’ll help with that we didn’t mention it’s a two inch body but it also has it’s either a two and a half or three and a half inch lift it’s no lift i don’t know yeah i’d just say three inch lift to be safe um

Because you’re going to keep that right around three and a half yeah and i don’t i don’t want to change that lift so that’s my that’s why we’re thinking about yeah that’s right 35 35’s on 15. that’s another important um i brought that up is that the clearance of the oil pan that is one of the things that we’re working on right now challenges i’ll pan to feel

The difference okay so john is one of our overnight deals yeah yeah and the intake yeah yeah yeah that’s a nice piece though yep that’s a innovate yeah 45. hopefully before it comes up with the uh intake here soon yeah um but the oil pan is the one of the major problems we could with some pictures off of facebook messenger that’s right measurements i’ve got

Some facetime a little bit you know factory fan has to come off you got to do electric fans right you gotta have to do electric fans there’s just not enough hits on top of paul it’s yeah we have this is an inch from the firewall and we are still up for those that y’all can’t see right the end of the motor is literally right here so if you go firewall to there

That’s the balancer and the water pump and the tensioner is all there so it just eliminates all your sand trout yeah just we also you have to trim the the body here for the radiator mounts and like we were discussing earlier we just took a top radiator mounts 12 come up underneath and it holds radiator just perfectly fine so we’re at ford holly fest here in

Bowling green kentucky this is the first time we’ve ever seen an early bronco swap with a 7-3 out running and driving i think we need to hear this thing run can we hear it ron let’s do it all right cool okay time for some data logs first godzilla swap early bronco foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign guys that is a wrap for us here at the

Holly ford festival man i gotta say for the first time this was amazing but it’s missing something is missing broncos there’s literally one early bronco here and then the rest of them were sixth gen or you know later models we need more so i think we should come back next year and really make a presence you know like bring some more early broncos and show people

What the real horse looks like mustangs are cool and all but the bronco is definitely the king of the show we’ll see you guys next time

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