Worlds First Tuned Acura NSX Gains 105bhp by VRTuned


Everyone is damn vivid racing and we are here today testing the new vr tuned ecu tuning box on this acura nsx we should be getting some serious horsepower gains just with this plug-and-play module so let’s see how it does on the dyno alright cody’s gonna do a run here number one while the boys prep to do another run here with the installed a little more i’m

Gonna quickly show you gox’s wire is a plug-and-play device that fits into the pouch of these sensors you have lose pressure manifold pressure to get our camry as a direct plug-in there’s no the tunis box then bounce inside the trunk forever ireland plugs all digital micro processes that not take over your ultinice you so the signal to go to the center this

Largely easily box for warranty no trace at all so this is the nsx genie box june’s phone right now our first test here we’ve got about a seven-week credit forest power game you can see quite the difference where the electric motors stop pulling right about 3000 it’s full twin-turbo so our first test we’ve got some very good results whose pressure afr’s looking

Good we can lean it out just a bit little more psi than had a great-looking setup so we’re working away here to get some of the testing done on the acura nsx tuning box the tuning box again plug and play modules into stock factory sensors to alter the signals to gain up to 70 80 90 horsepower with proper fuel safe af our safe boost no reliability issues it’s a

Very nice system each tuning box has a microprocessor digital board it is designed and engineered in germany to offer some of the highest quality you’ll see this is our second development run we’ve got across to about 5,400 rpm so you’ve got solid games all the way through this mid-range you got to work a little bit up here and we’ll get that adjusted so you

Carry this a solid line and that would give us this chunk here we’ve got 70 horsepower to the engine put up without 50 horsepower to the wheels so we are running fourth gear on the mustang we’ll do another map here and we’ll be able to run it and see what our changes are now here we are day 2 of testing the vr tune tuning box kit on the nsx and we’ve got this

Thing dialed so we’re gonna show you some really good results that we made with the two new box plugged in and we are here running in arizona 91 octane and this is on a mustang all-wheel drive dino we’re running in all-wheel-drive mode and running this in 4th gear with our armytrix exhaust system so let’s check out the results here are the dyno results from the

Tuning box we are running this again with 91 octane red is horse power blue is torque solid line as our tuned run and dotted line is the stock run we have black here as afr and green here is boost pressure so our peak horsepower here is 363 all wheel horsepower and with the car making on the gasoline engine 503 horsepower it’s about a 25% drivetrain loss which

Is normal for the mustang dyno so you can see here we have immediate gains as soon as the turbo start kicking in here 3,300 rpms we start out with a big jump we’ve got here 336 all wheel horsepower compared to 264 that right there is almost 80 horsepower and that stays consistent through most of the rpm range you can see here at about 4700 rpm we have 418 all

Wheel horsepower compared to stock at 339 so again that’s 70 wheel horsepower this carries through much of the entire rpm range up until the very top where it just drops off torque is similar we’ve got here right where the turbos kick in and the main chunk of the torque curve we have 471 foot-pounds of torque compared to same spot at about 373 370 so we see a

70 foot pound gain through most of the middle section and on the top like most cars the torque drops down we see up here 390 compared to about 333 so we still have close to 60 foot-pounds of torque boost pressure immediately increases from the stock which is right around 10 to 11 psi we go up and we keep that thing holding solid at just about 16 and a half 17

Psi all the way across stock now goes from about 11 and has a peak of just about 13 psi so we have about 6 psi increase over stock afr is the same with the tuning boxes we’re not adjusting fuel or timing though some of that will change because of the increased in boost so we see here we have a afr stock and tune which is safe turbo cars they come in lean and when

That’s about 11 9 and then we metal out here at just about eleven to ten point nine ideally with turbocharged car you could be at around eleven and a half to twelve so there’s still even more room to gain in performance so as you can see here we have some really good gains this is about eighty all wheel horsepower which is near a hundred and six hundred and ten

Horsepower to the crank which is very significant to add so this combined with the electric motors gives an output of around six hundred and fifty bhp over stock so now we’re going to test the car with higher octane we should see a mix from the octane booster of about 93 octane which is common for midwest to eastern states here in the us 93 is similar to 98 ron

And we should hopefully see a little bit more power from the change in fuel alright just let the car cool down so we’re gonna do our final run we’ve got the octane booster mixed in really nicely we were already making around 70 peat wheel horsepower so hopefully now cars cool octane boosters there we’ll show some good games now to test so here we go we are

Driving the acura nsx with our brand new vr tune tuning box as we have said and now it is complete it is installed and we have almost 80 wheel horsepower increase over stock so with the combined gasoline twin-turbo engine and the electric motor we are near 650 horsepower to the crank which is quite a bit so we’re gonna do some pulls here the launch control and

Show you what this thing does so hope you’ve enjoyed the nsx tuning box video that we’ve done dyno results are real we’ve got some serious horsepower this car drives amazing very happy with it and again if you are looking to gain extra horsepower vr tuned is your way to go tuning box kits ecu flashing and check out all of those products on vr tune com visit

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Worlds First Tuned Acura NSX Gains 105bhp by VRTuned By Vivid Racing