WOW 2022 Toyota RAV4 hybrid SE model review Whats different?

The long awaited 2022 Toyota RAV4 hybrid SE model is finally here.

What’s going on everybody it’s marcelo back from the toyota world youtube channel and i’m here inside of our beautiful dealership maple toyota to show you guys talk to you guys about it review with you guys the newest toyota rav4 to hit the model lineup for the rav4 hybrids and that’s the 2022 rav4 hybrid sport se model so there’s a lot to say about this new model

We’re going to review it just ahead in this video guys but before i do i want you guys to smash this video with a thumbs up and of course don’t forget to subscribe for constant cool videos and updates about your favorite toyotas so what do i want to say about the rav4 hybrid se model that is new to the model lineup well it’s not so new guys because rav4 hybrids and

The non-hybrids years ago used to have a sport se model and it was beautiful i’m going to put a little picture up here in the video so you guys can actually take a look at what i’m talking about but it was very very popular high demand very sport looking had a very nice sport feel to it i believe it had the sport tuned suspension had a little bit of a different

Grill and yes it was offered in a hybrid and a gas model so right now for 2022 this lovely se rav4 is only optional and only available in a hybrid but who knows maybe it will come for 2023 in a non-hybrid version so like okay everyone so here it is the lovely all-new amazingly beautiful fuel efficient 2022 rav4 hybrid se model it’s new for the model

Lineup here for 2022 like i said and this model specifically is put in terms of categorizing uh the models in terms of you know pricing specifications options and so on this goes right in between the xle hybrid and the xse non-tech package hybrid rav4 so this is right in between those two guys so it starts off with the le then it goes to the xle and then the se and

Then from the se you’re gonna you’re gonna upgrade yourself to the xse which will then give you the uh not the fabric seats or give you the soft tech seats and it’ll give you a couple of other options but we’re specifically talking about this 2022 rav4 hybrid se model what do you get when you go with the se rav4 hybrid well for one thing take a look at this really

Cool color that you can get when you go with the se it also comes on the xse models but if you don’t want to spend the money that you’d have to spend to go with an xse but you still want this color you can go with the sc guys take a look and here it is guys the calvary blue 2022 rav4 hybrid this is the xse tech package so you don’t necessarily have to go with the

Xse tech package non-tech package if you want this beautiful calvary blue which is new to the toyota rav4 lineup but not new to the toyota lineup we’ve had this color on other toyotas before in the past but if you wanted it on your rav4 hybrid well then you can go with the se model and you can get this lovely calvary blue what do you guys think of this blue is it

Too light is it too dark i think it’s perfect what do you think let me know in the comments below okay so stand back for a second take a look at the distinctive differences on the exterior of this 2022 rav4 hybrid on the se versus let’s say the xle or the limited or the le model you’ve got a lot of piano black what is piano black well it’s that very shiny high

Polished block that you’re going to see on the front bumper you’re going to see it also on the inserts here for where the fog lights would go you’re also going to see it on the surrounding of the wheel wells all the way out through the bottom of the rocker panels down here on the suv again carried out nicely over the rear wheel well and again on the back of the

Bumper you’ve got the nice shiny black piano looking uh they call it black piano but it’s a high gloss high paint high polish painted black accenting which really adds to the sport look of this suv what do you think and not to mention you know this beautiful piano black accenting throughout the whole suv matches very nicely very beautifully with the high polish

Black alloy wheels guys so when you go with the se model you’re upgraded to this 18 inch black high polished alloy wheel very beautiful and just in case i missed it you also get the high polish black roof rails now before i go any further on the details of what you get on an se rav4 hybrid let’s talk about pricing for just a second so this rav4 hybrid se prices

Out for 37 990 plus your freight pdi and air tax and of course plus hst or whatever your taxes are in whichever province you are in these prices are all canadian if you go up a package you’ll spend twenty six hundred and sixty dollars more plus taxes and that’ll give you that xse non-technology package rav4 hybrid now how does that price compare to the let’s say

Excellent 2022 rav4 hybrid well it’s slightly less expensive the xle at 36 190 plus your freight pdi and your air tax you don’t really gain a lot of luxury features when you step up in terms of price point to the se this is more of a sport attraction of an suv someone that wants the sport aggressive look you’re gonna spend a little bit more like i said thirty

Seven thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars from thirty six thousand one hundred and ninety dollars on the xle on the se you will also have a rain sensing wiper blades stepping over to the driver’s side of this suv so it is a sport fabric interior it’s a very soft very durable very sporty feeling and looking interior fabric it’s got a nice blue stitch to it as

You can see here throughout the entire interior seating and also throughout the dashboard you’ve got matching blue stitching throughout take a look and in case you didn’t catch it you do have a 8-way power adjustable power driver seat you’re also upgraded to a beautifully styled leather wrapped heated steering wheel with your heated steering wheel button control

Right over to the left of you now if we start this puppy up you’ll see that you have a very similar layout and design of the instrument cluster that you do on the non-hybrid rav4s the only difference of course is you have your hybrid battery indicator system over here off to the left you’ve got your odometer over to the right we’ve got the center console that we

All know and love on the 2022 rav4 is very spacious very well laid out you’ve got the nice uh phone holder phone system over here where you can put any kind of small device and you won’t have this function if you go with the le rav4 hybrid but if you’re upgrading yourself to the xle and the se the rav4 hybrid will come equipped with a power rear hatch while we’re

At it let’s let’s take a good look at the interior space here in the rear cargo area again you’ve got the large opening that we all know and love on the 2022 rav4 is very spacious even being a hybrid with a hybrid battery you know this this rav4 you really don’t feel like you lose any space at all when comparing to the hybrid version and the non-hybrid version

And there’s one more really cool thing that you get when you go with the se model rav4 that you don’t really get when you go with let’s say the le rav4 hybrid non-hybrid and that’s the new style headlamps guys so take a look at the headlamps here you’ve got the new style that you get when you go with at least the xle model and up the uh se model like i said is

Considered one up from the xle so this one here you do have the beautiful all-new designed headlamps whereas if you’re going to go with the le then you get the original style just the regular halogen style headlamps that were on the 2021s also in case you missed it guys the piano black follows nicely throughout the entire grille i should say of this 2022 rav4 se

When you’re going with the rav4 hybrid just let’s say xle or le not the sc not the xse then you’re gonna get the regular black grille that you would get and that you would see on something like a rav4 le model but again a lot of nice flashy polished black on this suv love it alright so i actually shut the lights here in the showroom for a second to show you guys

How beautiful this suv looks with the headlights on and you know what i’m not really a silver kind of guy i like a little bit more excitement in my colors something like that blueprint for example but i’ve got to say with this piano black accenting all around this suv the silver kind of pops and stands out what do you guys think let me know in the comments below

But let’s turn on these headlights wow really nice definitely a totally different style of light output on these new designed rav4 headlights versus the other ones that come on the le model i did do a review already on the older style headlights versus the newer style headlights i’ll put a card in the video so you guys can go back later and check it out but

What do you guys think let me know let’s stand back a little bit and take in the beauty i’m very happy that i was able to do this review for you guys i know a lot of watchers subscribers viewers customers have been wanting to see a rav4 hybrid se so badly because it’s an all new model we haven’t had it for a while a lot of customers a lot of viewers subscribers

Weren’t really sure sure what it was going to look like uh weren’t really wasn’t really sure what the alloy wheels were going to look like and so on so i’m happy i was able to show this to you guys if you enjoyed this video and this review on this rav4 hybrid don’t forget to smash the thumbs up guys and subscribe for the next cool video on your favorite toyota take care

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WOW! 2022 Toyota RAV4 hybrid SE model review! What’s different!? By Toyota World