WULING MINI EV CABRIO – Kleinstes E-Cabrio kommt auch nach Deutschland

Das Joint Venture SAIC-GM-Wuling bringt in China eine Cabrio-Version des dort äußerst beliebten vollelektrischen Kleinstwagens Hong Guang Mini EV auf den Markt. Die Kleinstwagen-Familie Mini EV ist seit 24 Monaten in Folge auf Platz 1 des E-Auto-Verkaufsrankings in China…

The saic-gm-wuling joint venture is launching a convertible version of the hong guang mini ev, an all-electric microcar that is extremely popular there, in china. the mini ev family of microcars has ranked first in the electric car sales ranking in china for 24 consecutive months. you can see everything you currently need to know about the convertible car right here on

Project drive! the saic-gm-wuling hongguang mini ev is the second best-selling electric car in the world after the tesla model y, which is received a convertible version called open top edition. anticipated by a concept, the new variant of the tiny car is already available to interested parties in china. however, on september 1, the manufacturer announced that chinese

Customers interested in the convertible version would have to register for a raffle. there, the first batch with the first 200 “chosen ones” who can buy the electric car will be announced on september 21, with delivery scheduled for 90 days after this announcement. the design of the roofless version of the mini ev is based on the regular model, which bets on the square

Style and with an interior of very simple lines. but in the case of the cabriolet, the highlights are the two-tone a-pillar, the doors without moldings on the upper part and the possibility of the interior in red, which looks very elegant, at least in the pictures of the presentation. the interior is still equipped with chrome elements, the air conditioning with buttons.

The convertible electric micro car has a structure made of high-strength steel, double airbag, lcd instrument panel, air conditioning, ramp start assistant, rear view camera and the application app ling club, which enables the car to be located, doors to be opened intelligently and to close, to diagnose, to charge intelligently and so on. to celebrate the 5000 subscribers

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The two-seater has a length of 3.05m, a width of 1.52m, a height of 1.61m and a wheelbase of 2.01m. about two-thirds of the body consists of high-strength steel. the mini convertible has a folding fabric top and is available in three exterior colors (blue, green and black) and two top colors (red and black). also included as standard are two airbags, automatic locking, an

Anti-lock braking system (abs) and electronic brake force distribution (ebd). with the technical performance data and dimensions , the wuling hong guang mini ev cabrio is apparently based on the version of the small car that was revised last year . at that time, the power increased from 20 to 30 kw, the wheelbase from 1.94 to 2.01 m and the battery capacity to 26 kwh (instead

Of 9 or 14 kwh) – although the latter has not been confirmed for the convertible. according to a statement from joint venture partner general motors, the wuling hong guang mini ev cabrio is currently on the market for the equivalent of almost 14,500 euros. incidentally, the company darts will join forces with the lithuanian company nickrob to bring the mini electric car to

Europe. however, darts had to make some changes to the mini ev in order to be able to sell it in europe. especially the installation of airbags, eps and the reinforcement of some body parts. the standard version of the mini ev will be called freze. the price will be €9,999. the convertible version will be called the freze froggy ev and is expected to cost around €20,000.

How do you like such a small city runabout and that also as a convertible? what do you think of the price of €20,000 for the model without a roof? feel free to tell me in the comments. i think that would be an extremely exorbitant price. for the money you almost get a used larger electric. however, i think the idea of ​​such a small speedster for the city is pretty cool

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WULING MINI EV CABRIO – Kleinstes E-Cabrio kommt auch nach Deutschland! By Project Drive