*You Have Control* Living With A CADDY CALIFORNIA

Volkswagen kindly dropped off a Caddy California for us and we have a week to see what this baby VW California is all about. Don’t forget to ask us any questions you have about the Caddy California and we will include answers in the upcoming videos.

Foreign foreign so as you can see it is monday the 3rd of october that is today’s date and vw just dropped off this caddy california what do you think indium gray 71 plate now i’ve actually been at work this morning and whilst i was at work volkswagen dropped off this the caddy california we’ve actually got it for a whole week as well so what i plan to

Do is release a series of videos uh showcasing basically living with one of these for a whole week now the beauty of that is that because i’ll be releasing plenty of videos and nice and quickly after i filmed them that gives you the chance to write in the comments anything that you want to know about the van and i can find out for you but first thing is first let’s

Have a look what this is all about so i went to the uk press launch of the caddy california which is about a year ago and the weather was atrocious so it was a bit of a quick get in there film it and get out because it really was not nice at all if you haven’t seen that video it’s linked in the description below but i’ve got the keys here let’s have a first look

At this we’re gonna look at this together like i said i’ve been at work this morning so i don’t actually uh i’ve not actually had a look at this it’s in indium gray uh i’ve got all the spec sheets i think it’s a a 115 horsepower i believe but yeah let’s have a look in inside so it’s a bit of a gray on gray theme going on here nice big screen on the inside which

We’ll have a look at in more detail in a later video but yeah it’s got that new car smell what’s it got 3700 miles it’s fairly spacious in here but let’s have a look in the back oh i thought that was a electric sliding doors then but it’s not and there we have it the rear seats you’ve got also some trays there fold up and i think these seats fold down as well

They should do oh yeah that’s down definitely need two runs for that and then you can see at the back there that is the bed all folded up oh look at that look at that panoramic roof very nice and you can see it’s got bags at the back there that’s your storage there should be one on both sides yep i don’t know what that bag is there what’s that see it’s really

Hard for me to remember what these were like when i when i filmed it a year ago but let’s have a look in the boots oh it’s got the tent with it look ah nice so these tents weren’t actually we were told about them but they weren’t actually available when um when we’re at the press launch uh oh so you’ve got a protective cover so you can actually use the bed that’s

All fastened up you see all folded up so we’ll definitely try that out at some stage and then we’ve got the pull out hob which is well there’s the same system as what we’ve got in our california beach but obviously just pulls out rather than slides out the side nice oh oh yeah we’re definitely learning together here aren’t we i don’t know if i’m gonna be able to

Do this with one hand oh there we go it locks open basically and then a cutlery draw at the back there as well a bit of storage in that side bit as well what’s behind here i think that’s your table and chairs in here and yep there’s table and chairs in there so obviously that’s a very quick look at the caddy california but we’ve got this like i say for a whole

Week we are going to try out all sorts of different things i want to see bentley fits in it for starters that’d be interesting i want to see if we can fit a car seat in there should be fine with that also i’m going to spend the night in it as well so let us know in the comments below if there’s anything that you want to know in particular about the caddy california

And i shall find out for you and put it in a video for you so it’s gonna be a whole series of videos so please make sure you are subscribed to follow those and uh yeah get your questions down in the comments below thank you so much for watching cheers bye thank you

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*You Have Control!* Living With A CADDY CALIFORNIA By A Bus And Beyond