Youre Using the WRONG BUILD | 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI | Need for Speed Heat

You’re Using the WRONG BUILD | 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI | Need for Speed Heat

Welcome to the militia gaming community i’m trigger and this video is all about the 2006 subaru wrx sti in need for speed heat let’s go all right just real quick to talk about these build videos that i do this is the same wrong build series we’ve just been putting a different spin on it with different thumbnails and i’ve been doing more of a live atmosphere

For the videos let me know what you think in the comment section down below do you like this or the old way where we do all of the testing behind the scenes and then sort of just give you the information in like more of a 10 minute video format this video tends to go over 20 minutes and i’m just trying to figure out what you guys like the best so let me know in

The comments do you like this format or do you like the old format that’s a little bit shorter anyway this video is all about this 06 sti i’ve been getting a lot of requests for this particular car and there are a lot of engines to test on this car there were 10 total engines that we tested all right let’s go ahead and get into this track build so the engine that

You’re going to be using for this car the fastest engine for the car is the 3.8 liter v8 now the close very very close second to this is the forged 2.5 liter flat 4. now if you’re not just running time trials with your friends the forged 2.5 liter flat 4 is really the engine that’s supposed to be in the car but it’s not the fastest engine so i would say if you

Like the sound of that engine go with it it’s not going to lose you too much time right it’s it’s very very close to the 3.8 that being said the 3.8 is like this much faster like really really really small amount faster but it is faster so that’s the one that i’m going to recommend for the video so you got the 3.8 v8 of course we do ultimate plus engine parts

You can put whatever parts you have is the highest tier parts you can find and that’ll be best for the car but if you have the ultimates do ultimate plus ultimate dual turbo as always it’s the fastest boost option in the game and the five by three pound nos now as far as the suspension goes of course we’re building this for tracks so we have the track suspension

The elite brakes and the race tires this car has one particular problem when you’re racing and it’s that it’s way too sticky it takes a long time for you to get that rear end to slide out unless you’re using your hand brake and when you use your hand brake it slows the car down so what we’re talking about here is the race tires are a little bit more slippery than

The track tires so we’re gonna go with race tires on this build we also want the elite plus clutch the elite plus eight speed gearbox that after testing has the best uh acceleration at low medium and top speeds and then the track super track differential now auxiliaries obviously if you’re racing with friends you can go with something other than the repair kits

But i like to have the car clean every time i start and when i’m testing engines i don’t need 15 bottles of nos in a race so nitrous refills if you’re racing with your friends and then nos duration is what i recommend for your passive now if you take a look at the stats we’ve got 1.770 to 60. that’s actually really really good there’s not a lot of cars that get

Under 1.8 so it’s got decent acceleration off the line 746 max torque the forged 2.5 liter has a lot more torque but it doesn’t equate to more speed for some reason now the top speed 233 with this current build 1010 potential horsepower and 984 current horsepower to get to the top of that horsepower you would just swap the turbo to a single and if you really love

That turbo flutter then go with the single turbo it’s really not going to hurt you it may be a difference of a half a second in a race so i wouldn’t worry too much about it the dual turbo is the fastest but if you like the single drop the single in there and then let’s go out to take a look at the live tuning all right so live tuning on this like i said this car

Has a problem with being sticky it sticks to the ground really really well which is normally pretty good but for the game it’s not so actually i’m running a low down force all the way towards low for the downforce my steering sensitivity is always low on my track builds i like to be able to micro adjust my steering without having the car you know dip to the left

Or to the right too hard so minimum steering minimum down force traction control off and then also drift style i change to brake on this this actually will help the car slide just a little bit easier in those turns so this is the live tuning settings and we’ve got a 8.77 quarter mile that’s it for this track build guys let’s move on to the drag build all right

To turn this car into a drag car we only need to make a couple of changes if you’ve watched any of my other build videos you know that i like to make the nos a 1 by 15 pound tank it’s much better for drag racing doesn’t make sense to have that little bit of lag between tanks when you’re using the three by five or the five by three i should say um so we’re going

To go with the 1 by 15 pound noss suspension stays you want a really stiff suspension for drag and then the tires obviously want to switch to a drag race tire and that’s going to be the very last option 10 000 or the drag race tires all right so there’s the drag tires we’re gonna leave the uh clutch the same and we’re gonna leave the differential the same but

We do need to check each of the gearboxes to make sure which one is the correct gearbox for a drag race scenario so let’s take a look let’s make sure we have all gearboxes owned we do let’s go outside the garage and take a look at the quarter mile real quick all right so in a drag race you definitely want your downforce all the way down which we already have and

Our quarter mile is 8.67 with this eight speed transmission so let’s swap it over and let’s move it over to the seven speed and just see how that affects the quarter mile my guess is that it’s going to be the same or maybe just a little more but let’s see nope 8.67 exactly the same so let’s go to the five speed all right here we go or sorry the six speed there

We go six speed on this one and eight point six three on the six speed well that might be our transmission but let’s go ahead and just check the five just to be sure five and here we go eight point six three so either the five or the six my recommendation is the five usually in a drag race scenario you wanna have the least number of shifts possible with the most

Amount of horsepower to the wheels and that’s what we’re getting out of this five so i definitely recommend the five speed as the drag transmission so just to go over the build one more time for you we’ve got the 3.8 liter v8 engine ultimate plus engine parts with the ultimate dual turbo and the 1 by 15 pound nos you’ve got track suspension elite brakes and elite

Drag tires elite plus clutch super five speed gearbox and the track differential so that’s it for the drag let’s take a look at the stats one point six three zero to sixty that’s insane it’s very very good now here’s the one thing that we do need to check and i’m going to make a pass with this build on this drag build we need to make sure that the car front end

Doesn’t lift up the reason that’s important is because this is an all-wheel drive car and if the front end lifts up the front two wheels are not touching the ground and therefore not putting any power to the pavement alright so here we are let’s run this pass and see what happens looks like we’re good man i don’t see any type of front end lift usually you would

Get a little front and lift it seems to uh have an issue though getting past about 200 and 210 miles an hour it does okay to get there but it doesn’t get past 210 so it’s an okay drag car it’s not that great the quarter mile stat is very good so if it were running a quarter mile and not at three quarters of a mile which is what we just ran i think it would do

Pretty well in a quarter mile we’ll have to check the rankings later in the video i’ll definitely put those up on screen as we finish it up so stay tuned for that all right let’s move on to a drift build and then we can move on to an off-road build but first that drift build all right so because this is an all-wheel drive car we need to make a couple of changes

One of those i’m just gonna swap to the five by 3 pound nos because the only reason i use a 1 by 15 is for drag so every other build is 5×3 as far as this suspension goes for a drift build on an all-wheel drive car we actually are going to go with a speed cross suspension this is the same as my rear wheel drive setup but here’s a couple of changes drag tires

Are no good for an all-wheel drive drift build so i use the showcase tires we’re going to start with those we’ll do a little bit of testing and then we’ll figure out if we need to make a change and then the last piece that we want to change is the differential we go with the sport drift differential now don’t ask me why but the sport seems to perform better with

All-wheel drive cars than the pro i don’t know why but it does so let’s give the sport drift differential a try let’s take this thing out and see how it does and we just need to make one little change to the live tuning and then we’re good to start drifting so the change i wanted to make was to move the steering sensitivity all the way towards high that’s how i

Love to drift and it works the best for me it’s the most responsive steering and you need that when you’re drifting so obviously downforce needs to be at a low and traction control is off drift style we’re going to keep at gas we’re not going to do break or drifting so let’s just see how this works oh my god this feels really good this feels just like the evo

Oh it feels good i really like this drift build not gonna lie can maintain slides really well 55 000 not a bad score it’s enough to get three stars but it’s not a great score i don’t think this is gonna be a good scoring drift build but we’re gonna see let’s go to uh the next one here inside the track and see what this one looks like all right like i said not a

Super high scoring drift build is only 118 000 enough to three star this event and i think you can three star most of the events on the map but this is more of a stylized drift build this is something that if you’re trying to hit really small gaps or something like that like if you just want to get close to things and uh and just make it look nice maybe for some

Clips you want to go in between stuff you know that’s the thing that you would do with this drift build i don’t think this is a good high scoring drift build it’s definitely not something that i would recommend as a high score drift build but i love the control you have with this i mean look at i can hit these gaps no problem because of all the control you have

With this build so i really like this build i’m going to leave it as is and i’m going to just accept it for what it is and that is that it’s a stylized drift build so let’s go over the build real quick one more time so you guys know what it is 3.8 liter v8 engine ultimate plus engine parts ultimate dual turbo with a 5 by 3 pound nos again if you don’t have any

Ultimate plus parts or ultimate parts you’re welcome to put any of the parts that you have unlocked on the engine just take the highest tier part that you possibly have and then use the dual turbo and the multiple bottles of nos tank even though that really doesn’t apply for a drift build anyway moving on the suspension is a super speed cross suspension elite

Brakes and the showcase elite tires with an elite plus clutch and the super 5 speed gearbox and then i go with the sport drift differential the car feels really really fun and good to drift on this setup so that’s it let’s move on to the last build of the video which is our off-road build alright so the off-road build for this car is going to be the rally

Suspension and we’re going to swap the tires over to the off-road tires we’re going to take this thing out to htv2 and rumble to get our official time so we can rank this car but aside from that i’m switching back to the eight-speed gearbox it performed the best on the road i think it’ll perform the best off-road and then of course with our differential we’ll go

To a rally differential that puts this car right here this is our build let’s go ahead and go out and test this thing out all right here we go test number one off road oh got a lot of wheel spin because of that i think it put us into that corner a little bit bad but we’re definitely getting it done here all right after one lap it feels pretty good um decently

Fast off-road as long as you stay to this path it’s it’s okay i have a feeling it’s gonna be slower than its hatchback brother but that’s okay all right here we go final couple of turns let’s see what we did here what do we do what do we do 152.91 actually that’s not bad at all not bad at all um that that actually competes for top 10 so depending on what it does

At rumble we’re gonna see uh this little subi here which is actually subaru has a lot of uh heritage in the off-road segment in the rally segment so we’re gonna see if this subaru actually hangs with the top 10 cars on off road but let’s see let’s get over to rumble alright here we go rumble test run number one alright so far so good feels very nimble on the dirt

Exactly what we’re looking for all right it feels good but i don’t think it’s as fast as some of the other off-road cars in the dirt i feel like it struggles just a little bit with top speed so we’ll see let’s see how this does let’s see what the end time is on this you know one thing i’m noticing with this this car is that it’s uh it’s very controllable in the

Dirt it feels like it’s very easy it does what you expect it to do which is which is always nice 313 and change that’s a respectable time that is a respectable time 3 13 86 where does that put us let’s see 3 13 86 that is man i think this is going to be a top 10 car oh this is close let’s rank these let me show you the ranks actually before we do that let’s just

Put out this final build for everybody of course 3.8 liter v8 ultimate plus engine parts with the ultimate dual turbo five by three pound noss rally suspension elite brakes elite off-road tires elite plus clutch elite plus gearbox and the super rally differential that’s our off-road build so uh yeah let’s get all of the ranks tallied up and we’ll put them on

Screen here in just a second and we’ll be back with a summary all right guys to summarize this video in this car um the subaru sti is pretty slow when it comes to the track it’s not the slowest car but it’s definitely not anywhere near the top um it runs a plus three minute time on aryan and it’s just not something that i would use in a competitive scene

That being said drag racing it’s all right it’s not terrible but it’s not great either drifting it is insanely fun to drift this car it has a great drifting feel it’s very controllable and and i really like that i think i will use this for if i want to do any type of like you know drift clips you know something that i’m just trying to make something stylish or

Awesome or something for social media it’s a it’s a great drift car for that but it doesn’t score very high so i wouldn’t use it to uh to break records and then lastly off-road it’s a very capable off-road car it’s just outside the top 10 and i think that that’s very very good especially considering what type of car it is it’s a subaru it should be good off-road

So i’m happy with it i’m gonna classify this car as a very good off-road car even though it’s not top 10 but it’s just a little bit outside so anyway that’s it for this one guys let me know if you have any questions hit me up in dms either on instagram or twitter and uh yeah shout out to all the militia subs thank you so much for watching another video and if

You made it this far you’re an awesome awesome person all right we’ll see you on the next one trigger out

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You're Using the WRONG BUILD | 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI | Need for Speed Heat By Militia Gaming Community