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Youre Using the Wrong Build – 2018 BMW M5 – NFS Heat

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IRL Car Builds (My Second Channel):

Welcome to the militia gaming community i’m trigger and this is another wrong build video this time the 2018 bmw m5 let’s go all right real quick before we get into the video i just want to say thanks for watching i know we don’t do that enough as youtubers so thank you so much for being here and secondly if you’re into car builds in real life i have a second

Channel in which we’re going to be building all kinds of different cars starting with a 2004 acura rsx type s so if you’re into that kind of thing there’s a link in the description down below and you can go check that out we have no content as of right now but it will be coming really really soon all right let’s get into this 2018 bmw m5 and the first thing i

Want to do is give you the fastest engine so the fastest engine for this car is the 585 horsepower forged 4.7 liter v8 this engine is i believe the most expensive engine for the car so if you guessed that as the best one then you were correct it ran a 255.6 on aryan which is really not bad anything under three minutes is what i would consider in the top of the

Range or in the top half of the cars three minutes is kind of the time where you can see if the car is fast or not so this one definitely is fast it can’t compete with the top 10 cars but it is definitely somewhat fast also it was able to run a 242.8 on sonic again not the fastest time but definitely not a slow time either and of course it can get faster with

Someone else behind the wheel but for me it’s a 242.8 on sonic just my overall thoughts about this 2018 bmw is that i was very very surprised that this big body m5 is something that can compete with some of the smaller cars in the game for example the mazda rx-7 ran a 256 on aryan which i probably could improve that a little bit or the honda nsx type r runs a

255 the lotus exige runs at 255. all of these cars are smaller and lighter than this m5 so i was pretty shocked that i was able to run a 255 on aryan with this big body bmw i actually attribute this to the fact that it handles very very nicely the rear end is pretty slippy it’s a rear-wheel drive car and it handles corners very nicely so this is something that

With a little bit of live tuning you can get some traction you can get the right amount of slippage this is a good car it handles very well now what it doesn’t have is an acceleration off the line and acceleration through the bottom end of the gears basically gears one through four don’t accelerate really well gears 5 6 and 7 accelerate pretty decently so anyways

The car is decent for the track and that actually surprised me so let me go ahead and give you the full track build we’re going to start with that 585 forged engine we got the ultimate plus engine parts and dual turbo and then the 5 by 3 pound nos as always super track suspension elite brakes elite race tires elite plus clutch elite 7 speed gearbox super track

Differential nos refills nose duration and then we’ve got steering sensitivity minus one downforce plus three traction control off drift style on gas all right let’s move on to drag racing the drag build is really really simple on this one it’s just a couple of things that we need to switch and that is the 1 by 15 pound nos and the elite drag tires the rest of it

Is the same build as the track build now for drag racing this car is kind of slow i would say it’s been it’s in the slow category it runs a 8.83 in terms of a quarter mile not really the fastest and then it’s zero to 60 is a 1.97 so again not really the fastest the best zero to 60 is around 1.5 seconds so with that said here is the full build card we’ve got the

585 horsepower forged engine again the ultimate plus engine parts dual turbo but this time we’re going with the 1 by 15 pound nos we’ve got super track suspension elite brakes and elite drag tires we also have elite plus clutch elite 7-speed gearbox and the super track differential nos refills and duration as always and then steering sensitivity is -1 downforce -5

Traction control off drift style on gas alright moving on to the drift build so for drifting in this car you have to have a specific build and i like to start with a rear wheel drive build and then i kind of make changes from there the rear wheel drive build for a standard build for any rear wheel drive car is going to be speed cross suspension drag tires and a

Drift differential so we’ll start there and then we make some changes what i ended up finding out is that the tires were a little bit too sticky and the car was struggling to transition from left to right it was difficult i had to use the hand brake in order to transition so we throw some drift tires on there and it fixed the problem 100 that being said it doesn’t

Really score that high so i really can’t recommend it but it is very easy to control and for that reason it actually is very fun to drift around you can three star the activities around the map with this car but it does take a little bit more skill than some of the other cars that score higher all right that being said let’s give you the full build we’ve got that

Same engine engine parts dual turbo and five by three pound nos that we always have super speed cross suspension elite brakes pro drift tires elite plus clutch elite seven speed gearbox and the pro drift differential we’ve got nos refills and duration and then steering sensitivity is plus five down force is minus five and those are actually really important to the

Build this helps you with steering response and it helps the back end slide a little more traction control off and drift style on gas and lastly let’s take a look at the off-road abilities as always i test this on two off-road courses htv2 and rumble and on htv2 the bmw m5 ran a 151.1 which is actually not bad it’s not not super fast but it’s pretty good it goes

Along with like say the subaru brz or the db5 or the fair lady those all run at times that are pretty similar it ran at 3 14.7 on rumble which is not great it’s actually a little bit lower on the list now i really didn’t have a lot of problems with top speed so i expected it to do better on rumble but it just didn’t it’s combined time we combine those two times

Together is 505.8 and i use that time to rank it on my list and in that case this thing falls somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 or 20. it’s somewhere in like the top 25 in terms of its comparison to the other cars that i’ve tested so with that said let’s go ahead and give you the off-road build it’s that same engine engine parts dual turbo and the 5 by 3 pound

Nos as always we’ve got the super rally suspension elite brakes elite off-road tires elite plus clutch elite 7-speed gearbox super rally differential and then we’ve got nos refills and duration and of course steering sensitivity plus five downforce minus five traction control off and drift style on gas and with that i will end the video i really appreciate you

Guys watching this and your support on this series it’s been absolutely amazing and i’m going to keep making these videos till we finish all the cars in the game and hopefully we can finish that before the next need for speed comes out and once again if you guys are into real car builds you want to follow me i am building a 2004 acura rsx type s and i’m going to

Be doing it on my second channel again link is in the description down below i will catch you on the next one thank you so much for watching trigger out you

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